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Frequently Asked Questions....

What are the cabinets and playfields made from?

The cabinets and playfields are made from a AA face high grade marine hoop pine plywood.

Who makes the cabinets and playfields?

Our production facilities manufacture both the cabinets and playfields in house.

Are the playfields clear coated?

Yes our playfields use a custom made clear coat formula to ensure hardness and durability .

What will the sound quality be like?

The sound system uses 4.1 channel digital surround sound technology with cd quality.

How do I update to the latest revision game roms?

Easy you download the latest software from our website to a USB memory stick and using the USB port located just inside the coin door auto update to the latest version of the software, our games use flash memory.


Designs and Future games....

Our design team is busy working on our first game at present, we hope to have it completed by years end.

We are using the original design software and parts to design and manufacture the new games, this will help make the games easy to maintain and obtain parts for.

At this time we cannot supply details of future games or designs however we can say the design of the cabinet is a cross between a WPC 95 and Pinball 2000 cabinet design.

Our first game will be a limited run and most have already been sold by pre order from distributors, some committing to 100 pieces of the first game.

Parts and concerns?

We have spent over 200k for new tooling and art creation, most of this amount is for specific parts to suit older 90s games, we have also been working with suppliers to get as many parts into the marketplace for specific parts as possible from October 2005.

You will be able to buy Factory Direct from a new online shopping cart as well as from your preferred distributors.







All text and images Copyright © 2005 The Pinball Factory. All games made under license to Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

The Pinball Factory. All games made under license to Williams Electronics Games, Inc.