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F.A.Q. on Medieval Madness and Cactus Canyon

Q. How much will a New Cactus Canyon or Medieval Madness be?
A. Check the order forms for current game costs.
Q. How much will shipping cost?
A. Shipping outside Australia will cost $500 US approx, however we will try and consolidate shipments to help reduce this cost.
Q. How much deposit do I have to pay?
A. 50% deposit is required on receipt of your order.
Q. When does the balance need to be paid?
A. The balance is due when the games are about to ship.
Q. How long will it take to build the games
A. Each game should take around 6 months to complete.
Q. What power will the game be set too?
A. You nominate what voltage your country requires and the game will be supplied to suit.
Q. What coin mechs are fitted to the game?
A. The game will have no coin mechs fitted. For those of you that don't know what a coin mech is, This does not refer to the coin door itself, only the mechs behind the door that receive the coins. the coin door will still look the same from the front side.
Q. Will the game look the same as the original?
A. Yes, We are trying to use most of the original suppliers and will work using the original engineering drawings to manufacture the games.
Q. Will there be any changes to the remade game?
A. The only changes would be to comply with any legal requirements in certain countries.
Q. Will the Bally or Williams Name be on the games.
A. We are able to use Bally but not Williams, so MM will not have the Williams Logo on the side art.






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